Microsemi Enhances Radiation-Tolerant Space Product Portfolio

ALISO VIEJO, CA -- Microsemi Corporation announces the newest member of its high-reliability space product portfolio, the LX7710 radiation-tolerant diode array. The LX7710 is the industry's first integrated solution of its kind offering eight diode pair channels designed specifically for satellites and other space applications. The company also announced its AAHS298B radiation-tolerant source driver has achieved Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) Class V and QML Class Q qualifications from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Land and Maritime. The AAHS298B is often used in conjunction with Microsemi's new LX7710 and its other radiation-hardened and radiation-tolerant programmable logic products.

The new LX7710 offers eight series connected diode pairs providing redundant protection should one fail in a short circuit event, ensuring reliability even in harsh space environments. The diodes within the integrated circuit (IC) are electrostatic discharge (ESD) protected and offer a minimum of 125 volts (V) breakdown voltage and can handle up to 700 milliamps (mA) of continuous current. The device is available in a 20 pin ceramic small outline integrated circuit (SOIC) package and is screened to meet stringent MIL-PRF-38535 Class V or Class B requirements. The LX7710 is designed for power OR-ing, redundant power sourcing, aerospace satellite manufacturing and military power electronics control applications, and can be used in combination with Microsemi's newly QML Class V and Class Q qualified source driver.

Microsemi's AAHS298B, which has been in production since 2012, can also be used in conjunction with the company's other radiation-hardened and radiation-tolerant products to implement redundant power management solutions. The radiation-tolerant source driver features eight non-inverting channels, with internal thermal shutdown. Capable of providing an interface from TTL, 5V or 12V logic systems to relays, motors, solenoids and other loads, the device adds the additional benefit of output transient protection/clamp diodes with sustaining voltages to 75V.

The AAHS298B's recent Class V and Class Q QML qualifications signify the high-reliability device has achieved the highest level of criterion for space-level products. The devices must be able to pass the stringent Technology Conformance Inspection (TCI) tests required in the MIL-PRF-38535 performance specification. This removes the need for customers to perform these tests, providing scheduling and cost benefits. The QML qualification achievement allows designers across the entire spectrum of space designs, from low cost commercial and scientific applications to human rated and top priority government systems, to use the parts without cumbersome part selection justifications or source control drawings.

The combination of the AAHS298B and Microsemi's new LX7710 provides a unique logic-controlled redundant power switching solution. Both devices offer significant size and weight savings by providing a higher level of integration than previously available. This enables space hardware designers to meet increasingly difficult demands for smaller and lighter equipment which results in launch cost savings. In addition to reduced weight and board space, the integrated solutions also offer customers increased reliability by eliminating separate discrete components. The ICs are being used on many key satellite programs such as the Joint Polar Satellite System and Orion, where usage of each device can be up to several hundred per satellite.

According to Euroconsult's 2015 report titled, "Satellites to Be Built & Launched by 2024," 60 percent more satellites will be launched by 2024 versus the past decade. This increase is driven primarily by civilian government agencies as established space countries replace and expand their in-orbit satellite systems and more countries acquire their first operational satellite systems.

Product Availability

Microsemi's LX7710 radiation-tolerant diode array and its AAHS298B radiation-tolerant source driver are both available now.

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