Microsemi Adds Three Dual-channel Clock Managers to Portfolio

ALISO VIEJO, CA -- Microsemi Corporation announces the addition of three new products to its portfolio of clock management solutions: ZL30244 and ZL30245 , two dual-channel any-to-any clock multiplier and frequency synthesizer integrated circuits (ICs), and ZL30255 , a dual-channel any-to-any clock multiplier and jitter attenuator. Target applications for the devices include access networks, storage area networks, data center infrastructure, enterprise infrastructure, and video broadcast equipment.

"Our three new clock management solutions build upon the success of Microsemi's single-channel versions, ZL30250/251 and ZL30253, further expanding product capabilities for our customers to reduce design complexity and lower bill of material costs," said Maamoun Seido, vice president and business unit manager of Microsemi's timing products. "Providing the second channel in these devices further simplifies and reduces the cost of designs. For clock trees that require multiple frequency families, the ZL30244, ZL30245 and ZL30255 provide lower chip count and lower cost solutions—all with exceptional jitter performance."

Designed for the communications, computing, enterprise and video markets, Microsemi's new clock management solutions also reduce board space requirements and lower implementation costs for designers. The ZL30244 and ZL30245 are ideal for frequency conversion and frequency synthesis, while the ZL30255 is designed for general purpose jitter attenuation and frequency conversion. When combined with Microsemi fanout buffers (ZL402XX), the ZL30244/45 and ZL30255 provide complete timing solutions for complex systems such as wireless base stations, wireless backhaul, access infrastructure, SONET/ SDH, GE, 10G/40G/100G Ethernet, optical, storage and broadcast video applications.

Additional key features include:
•Any-to-any frequency conversion with 0 ppm error (inputs: 1 kHz–1.25 GHz, outputs: 1 Hz–1 GHz)
•Digital PLL with programmable bandwidth from 14 Hz to 500 Hz (ZL30255)
•Four universal clock inputs that connect to any signal format at any voltage
•Up to six differential outputs, up to twelve CMOS outputs
•Configurable output signal format and voltage for direct interface without additional components
•Automatic self-configuration at power-up from internal EEPROM (ZL30245, ZL30255) or external EEPROM (ZL30244), up to four configurations pin-selectable per channel
•Numerically controlled oscillator mode; frequencies can be controlled with very high resolution by system software

According to market research firm Databeans, the clock generation IC market will grow to approximately $1.25 billion in 2018.

Product Availability

Microsemi's ZL30244, ZL30245 and ZL30255 are available now. Learn more at:


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