Micropower 80V Input LDO in SOT-23 Package Now in Military -55° to +125°C MP Grade

MILPITAS, CA - Linear Technology Corporation announces a new military MP grade version of the LT3014B, a high voltage, micropower, low dropout regulator capable of delivering 20mA output current. The LT3014B operates with a continuous input voltage range of 3V to 80V and generates output voltages from 1.22V to 60V with a low dropout of 350mV, making it ideal for automotive, 48V telecom backup supplies and industrial control applications. Ultralow quiescent current of 7µA (operating) and 1µA (in shutdown) make it an excellent choice for battery-powered memory "keep alive" systems that require optimal run time.

For high voltage applications that require large input-to-output voltage differentials, the LT3014B offers a highly compact and thermally effective solution. Its miniature low-profile ThinSOT™ package makes it the smallest 80V LDO available. The LT3014B operates with very tiny, low cost ceramic output capacitors, featuring stability with only 0.47µF on the output. These tiny external capacitors can be used without any necessary series resistance, as is common with many other regulators. Internal circuitry includes reverse-battery protection, current limiting, thermal limiting, and reverse current protection.

The LT3014BMPS5 operating junction temperature is from -55°C to +125°C and the device is housed in a 5-lead ThinSOT-23 package. Devices are available from stock, priced starting at $4.20 each in 1,000-piece quantities.

Summary of Features: LT3014B

• 3V to 80V Input Voltage Range
• MP Grade: -55°C to +125°C Operating Junction Temperature
• Ultralow Quiescent Current: Only 7µA
• Low Dropout Voltage: 350mV
• Output Current: 20mA
• No Protection Diodes Needed
• Adjustable Output from 1.22V to 60V
• Stable with 0.47µF Ceramic Capacitors
• Reverse-Battery Protection
• Thermal Limiting
• 5-Lead ThinSOT package

For more information, visit http://www.linear.com/product/LT3014B


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