Micromem Awarded Second Patent for Fluid Condition Sensor Platform

TORONTO and NEW YORK-- Micromem Technologies Inc. through its wholly owned subsidiary, Micromem Applied Sensor Technologies Inc. ("MAST") announces that the United States Patent and Trademark Office advised Micromem of a second Notice of Allowance allowing all of the claims on Micromem's Multi-Modal Fluid Condition Sensor Platform and System Therefor (the "Product") has been sent. It is expected that the remaining four (4) Notices of Allowance will follow over the next 5-7 weeks.

This is the second of six (6) patents Micromem has filed in this field to be accepted. This series of patents covers more than our technology licensed to Flextronics to measure oil condition in automobile oil pans. It is a broad based patent that provides Micromem protection under a wide range of uses for Smart Bolt technologies, essentially we have been granted the patent to Smart Bolt technology that can be used on any fluid in any industry. From oil condition sensing to any number of fluids, this smart technology can be utilized in many other applications.

Our licence to Flextronics (announced September 10, 2014) grants use for automotive engine oil as the fluid medium to be measured. The opportunities to market a Smart Bolt, a device capable of measuring any fluid in any application, not just an automobile, is a major advantage as our partnerships continue to grow.

Being granted these two patents demonstrates Micromem's ability to deliver an innovative approach to creating smart technology and leading the way in the "Internet of things". Our selection of Flextronics to market the motor oil condition capabilities for the automotive industry is just the beginning of uses for this technology. Micromem has been granted a very wide ranging patent.

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