Microfluidics and Particle Sciences Align to Expand the Reach of Microfluidics Technology

BETHLEHEM, PA -- Particle Sciences, Inc. and Microfluidics, a division of IDEX Corporation, are jointly working together to meet their Pharmaceutical client's need for complex formulation development and production. Microfluidics is the leader in high shear fluid processing such as that used in the production of emulsions, liposomes and other nanostructures.

Dr. Mark Mitchnick, Particle Sciences' CEO notes, "Particle Sciences is the leading CDMO for nano-based products. We have worked with Microfluidics since before their acquisition by IDEX and already have several machines installed. We are seeing an increasing need for the highly consistent product Microfluidics' technology is able to deliver. This combined with Particle Sciences' deep understanding of the technology and our base capabilities in characterization and sterile production is driving the relationship expansion. We have formulated multiple products with Microfluidics, recently manufactured 120 L of a sterile emulsion for a client using the equipment and have several more in the pipeline."

Brad Besse, the Business Unit Director for Microfluidics, added, "Particle Sciences has been a good partner in the past making our decision to work closer with them an easy one. They have shown themselves to be leaders in nanoparticle production and with our technology specifically. We believe that by working together the technology will see an even broader audience. In addition to formulation and clinical trial material production, Particle Sciences offers the ability for our clients to work with highly potent compounds under cGMP's in a purpose built facility. Particle Sciences is also working with us on some product improvements and plans to increase their installed Microfluidics base at their Bethlehem facility."

Particle Sciences is an integrated provider of drug development services. Particle Sciences focuses on BCS II/III/IV molecules, biologics and highly potent compounds through a variety of technologies including emulsions, gels, micro and nano-particulates, drug/device combination products, solid solutions and others. Through a full range of formulation, analytic, and manufacturing services, Particle Sciences provides pharmaceutical companies with a complete and seamless development solution that minimizes the time and risk between discovery and the clinic. We also have an extensive history in government contracting alongside our clients. The company was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Visit http://www.particlesciences.com/, email [email protected] or contact us at (610) 861- 4701 for information.

Microfluidics is the exclusive producer of Microfluidizer high shear fluid processors for uniform particle size reduction, robust cell disruption and nanoparticle creation. The innovative Microfluidics Technology Center, located at the Company's headquarters outside Boston, MA, is staffed by expert engineers with a wide range of nanotechnology and application experience for proof-of-concept and process development support. Microfluidizer® technology enables companies to create tiny particles that achieve big results. To learn more, visit: