Microcontrollers to Gain Big from Growth of MEMS Sensors

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. /BUSINESS WIRE/ --More companies than ever before are relying on sensors of all kinds to create products with higher levels of intelligence, according to Bourne Research. The market research firm reports that GPS, RFID, robotics, and wireless sensing capabilities are instrumental to the development of "smart products," which will not only be a key driver of growth for MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) sensors, but create concurrent opportunity for microcontrollers as well.

"We are entering an era where products will have an increasingly rich level of self-awareness, one that relies on interaction with the consumer and will be made possible by the use of various sensor technologies," said Marlene Bourne, principal analyst with Bourne Research. "This emergence of interactive intelligence will have a very real impact on every aspect of how we live, work, and play."

Bourne Research reports that MEMS-based motion, pressure, and acoustic sensors (as well as other next-generation sensing technologies) are not only finding their way into classic consumer products, such as toys, housewares, sporting goods, and clothing, but applications as far reaching as flooring materials, medical diagnostics, retail fixtures, and vending machines. System complexity is just as varied, but Bourne Research notes that, more often than not, these products will use multiple sensors and microcontrollers. As a result, niche products with low volumes may be just as lucrative as those with high unit volumes.

Growth opportunities for microcontrollers and sensors are but one of many trends covered in The Bourne Report, a unique series of market research reports from Bourne Research. The Bourne Report offers the most insightful market analysis available on emerging technologies, with a focus on MEMS and Nanotechnology. To subscribe to The Bourne Report, or for more information about Bourne Research, please visit their Web site or contact Marlene Bourne at 480-695-0521 or [email protected].

About Bourne Research
Bourne Research is a trusted source of market intelligence, with a specialized focus on MEMS, nanotechnology, and the convergence of both. Its founder, Marlene Bourne, is a highly respected industry analyst, with more than a decade of experience following the development of emerging technologies, and is internationally recognized as one of the leading experts on MEMS.

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