Microchip Licenses EtherCAT Technology

CHANDLER, AZ -- Microchip Technology Inc. strengthens its commitment to the industrial space by licensing the EtherCAT technology for its next-generation Ethernet controllers. This license demonstrates Microchip's strategy for expanding its industrial-market presence with a continuing commitment to provide unique, leading-edge products tailored for industrial designers' needs.

Adding EtherCAT technology to Microchip's next-generation Ethernet controllers provides system developers with the high level of integration, flexibility and stability required to design products that meet and exceed today's evolving industrial standards. This licensing agreement, in combination with Microchip's Industrial Ethernet product portfolio and long history as a leading supplier, enables the Company to deliver solutions that increase overall system efficiency and reduce system costs.

With EtherCAT technology's "on the fly" processing and use of standard Ethernet cabling, which eliminates expensive switch fabrics, Microchip's next-generation slave controllers offer the high level of integration and cost optimization required for current and future industrial applications. Additionally, end users can count on the stability of the EtherCAT standard, which has been continually enhanced without fundamental interface changes since its adoption in 2004. This consistency ensures interoperability with existing devices, while providing improvements to meet the evolving needs of designers. EtherCAT technology has also been shown to have the highest throughput of any industrial Ethernet standard. These advantages have led to a high adoption rate, which includes more than 3,000 members, globally.

"The EtherCAT standard is a proven and robust industrial communication protocol that is expanding its market presence in drive and I/O applications," said Mitch Obolsky, VP of Microchip's USB and Networking Group. "By adding this technology to our industry-leading Ethernet controllers, we plan to provide engineers with compelling new connectivity options for their designs. This includes the Internet of Things (IoT), since EtherCAT technology is a perfect fit for adding connectivity to industrial IoT designs. The adoption of EtherCAT technology thus continues Microchip's commitment as a reliable partner for the long-term supply of leading-edge Ethernet devices."

"Microchip's decision to implement EtherCAT technology into their next-generation industrial-Ethernet products will further accelerate the adoption of our communication standard within the industrial-control segment and beyond," said Martin Rostan, executive director of the EtherCAT Technology Group. "We welcome this move, which expands the choice of EtherCAT Slave Controller chips for our members. Microchip is making a clear statement by adding EtherCAT technology to its silicon, as a real-time Ethernet option for its customers."

Microchip's Ethernet controllers with EtherCAT technology are in the latter stages of development. For more information, visit http://www.microchip.com/Ethernet-Controllers-022515a

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