Microbridge Secures Funding for Micro-Flow Pressure Sensor

MONTREAL /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Microbridge Technologies Inc., the inventor of passive, analog precision calibration products known as Rejustors, announced it has successfully closed an internal round of funding. Despite the challenges in the current economic climate, Zon Capital Partners, L.P. of New Jersey; BDR Capital Inc. (a spin-out of the Fonds de Solidarité des Travailleurs du Québec); Lothian Partners 27 (Sarl) SICAR of Luxembourg (advised by Multiple Capital, Inc.); and Schneider Electric Ventures of France see Microbridge's future as extremely positive.

"Building upon its portfolio of Rejustor-based precision resistor dividers, Microbridge is at the forefront of a profound shift in accuracy in the manner in which small gas-pressure differentials are measured," said Bill Bridgers, General Partner at Zon Capital Partners. "By continuing to support Microbridge's recent enhancements of its Rejustor technology, we see the company positioning itself to become a leader in sensor chips for many applications, including medical diagnostics; environmental controls, such as HVAC; and in improving combustion efficiency in automotive engine management systems."

"The company will launch a line of Micro-Flow Pressure Sensors that achieve new levels of performance for a wide range of differential pressures," said Dr. Adam Chowaniec, Chairman of Microbridge Technologies. "With on-chip signal conditioning and amplification, this family of gas pressure sensor chips can address full-scale pressures, from tens of Pascal to thousands of Pascal, all with a 0.1 Pascal resolution."

The achievement is founded on in Microbridge's success in combining Rejustor and MEMS technology with on-chip CMOS. Microbridge has achieved predefined, die level, high pneumatic impedances up to tens of kilo-Pascals, substantially reducing demands on subsequent packaging operations. Pneumatic impedances of this magnitude offer tremendous application advantages. First, it is easier to use gas filters (whose flow impedance is prone to change with contaminant buildup) and not have them affect the performance of the sensor because the sensor element will always remain in the high-resistance path. Second, long tubing connections do not distort the calibration of the device. Third, the flow-through of the sensor element in shunt configurations becomes significantly easier to protect from contaminants.

"BDR Capital is very impressed with Microbridge's strong record of achievement and the potential of the Rejustor technology," said Stephane Caron, Partner at BDR Capital Inc. "We believe Microbridge's chips are going to change the rules of the game in the precision sensing and analog markets by eliminating temperature dependencies, delivering a smaller footprint and decreasing the cost of bringing products to market."

The new pressure sensors from Microbridge will be introduced mid year and are the latest members of the company's Rejustor-based family of products. Rejustors and eTC Rejustors were first announced in 2007 and enable automated, independent adjustment of both resistance and the temperature coefficient of resistance, providing one to two orders of magnitude performance improvement for many analog designs.

For more information on Rejustors, visit the company's Web site.

About Microbridge
Microbridge Technologies Inc. is the leading manufacturer and licensor of next-step electronic calibration products and solutions in consumer, automotive, medical, and other industries that need to improve manufacturing yields and productivity and enter new markets. Microbridge's resistor calibration products (Rejustor) and enabling technology are the "first integrated calibration and temperature compensation systems for analog circuit designs and production." Microbridge's technology enables product designers to achieve one-step calibration and passive adjustment. Rejustors are adaptive and adjustable in circuit and allow calibration in the analog domain to improve the design of current and future products. Microbridge is a privately held company with headquarters in Montreal, Canada, and offices in San Jose,

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