Micro-Ohm Meter Probes Are Rugged and Comfortable

Micro-Ohm Meter Probes Are Rugged and Comfortable

Durable and ergonomic, five BKP-10 Kelvin probes are intended for use with the company's R1L bond meters or the 1740 or 1750 micro-Ohm meters. They promise to enable easier four-wire bonding and other low-resistance measurements. Pin-to-pin spacing is 4.8 mm and probes can be ordered with three types of pins including a spear point pin, flat point pin for making surface resistance measurements, and a serrated pin when a coating must be pierced. The test leads are ten feet long and terminated with dual banana plugs on 0.75-in. spacing for use with the R1L bond meters. For more info, visit http://www.tegam.com/category.asp?categoryID=54

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