Micro Camera Module Slips Into Tight-Quarter Systems


The NanEyeM miniature integrated Micro Camera Module (MCM) assembly from ams sports a tiny footprint at the image sensor end of 1 mm2. With its compact design, the NanEyeM is easy to integrate into space-constrained industrial and consumer designs.


The NanEyeM offers a resolution of 100 kpixel, 10-bit digital readout, and features a Single-Ended Interface Mode (SEIM). Like a standard Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), the SEIM channel is easy to implement in any host processor and provides a cost-optimized solution without the need for LVDS deserialization. The maximum frame rate over the SEIM interface is 58 fps at a clock rate of 75 MHz.


The camera features a custom multi-element lens that is said to improve the effective resolution of the sensor and reduces distortion compared to similar sensors that have a single-element lens. Modulation transfer function (MTF) is >50% in the corners, distortion is <15%, and color aberration is <1 Px.


The slave configuration in SEIM enables control of the frame rate via the host application processor, down to rates of a single frame per second or even slower. NanEyeM also offers an Idle mode that reduces power consumption in applications, such as presence detection, that require only a small number of frames per minute.


The NanEyeM image sensor will be available for sampling in Q2 2019. For more details, visit ams.