METTLER TOLEDO Wins Weighing Review Award

METTLER TOLEDO is proud to announce that it has been named “Best Weighing Company” and “Best Laboratory Scale/Balance” in the second annual Weighing Review Reader’s Choice Awards. The online poll included a field of 32 weighing companies and 50 weighing products nominated by users. Votes were cast from 72 countries, making the awards an excellent representation of the international weighing community.

METTLER TOLEDO has been nominated to participate in the Weighing Review contest, and has topped the “Best Weighing Company” category. “This award is a testament to METTLER TOLEDO’s innovation and the commitment of its people to deliver not only robust weighing products but also reliable, trusted service,” said Roberto Tonani precision balances' product manager working at SBU Weighing and Dosing.

Additionally, this year’s contest marks that METTLER TOLEDO XPE precision balances have won for “Best Laboratory Scale/Balance.” “We are pleased to have been selected from such an estimable roster of nominated companies and products and are grateful for the support and confidence of our customers around the world,” concluded Mr. Tonani

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