METTLER TOLEDO Releases SOLAS Compliance Guide

With the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) container-weight regulations deadline nearing, many companies are seeking the best solution to comply for their application. METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to offer a new SOLAS Compliance Guide to educate business people affected by the new regulations.

SOLAS regulations will go into effect on July 1, 2016, affecting all parts of the shipping industry, from manufacturing to logistics. METTLER TOLEDO has created a new guide to help educate businesspeople on the products that are available to them to meet compliance with the new law.

"Although the new law will go into effect in less than one month, we have seen there is still quite a bit of confusion regarding the law—who is responsible for providing the verified gross mass and what is the best way to achieve compliance,” says Jeff Capella, METTLER TOLEDO marketing manager for the Vehicle Strategic Business Unit. "We created this guide to educate businesspeople on all options available to them. No matter what your current logistics chain looks like, we have a product that can be easily integrated to fill SOLAS compliance requirements."

The new guide covers key SOLAS topics, including:

What is SOLAS?
How to comply with Method 1
How to comply with Method 2
Service for maintaining compliance

To download a free copy of the SOLAS Compliance Guide, go to  

Also see SOLAS - Frequently Asked Questions page at

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