Metrology Sensor from Nikon Metrology

Nikon Metrology Inc.

The i5 integrated sensor (i5is) from Nikon Metrology Inc., Brighton, MI, is a fully integrated 5 DoF measurement device that is part of the company's iGPS metrology system. iGPS uses a network of laser transmitters to create measurement volumes that range in size from small vehicle assembly shops to large aircraft final assembly lines. The transmitters are used to triangulate the positions of handheld probes and sensors, such as the i5is, to enable part inspection and tracking anywhere within the volume. The i5is is virtually unaffected by optical and environmental noise; has wired and wireless communication; and achieves a 3D point uncertainty of <150 µm and a length measurement uncertainty of <115 µm.

Contact Info

Company: Nikon Metrology Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 810-494-5616

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