Metal Detector Ensures Metal-Free Vacuum Filler Applications

The company’s latest range of HDS Pipeline Metal Detectors is groomed for use on vacuum filling lines for detection sensitivity and stability as well as operation in potentially harsh or extreme environments. Easily integrating with all known vacuum fillers and other processing equipment, the HDS Pipeline metal detection system offers consistent and reliable performance. Featuring a full stainless steel construction and sealed to IP69K, HDS systems are capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions and stringent wash-down regimes required in meat and food processing plants. Advanced detection coil technology and Signature software platform deliver very high sensitivity to all metal types. Ferrous, non-ferrous and even difficult-to-detect non-magnetic stainless steel contaminants can be detected. In addition, HDS pipeline systems are capable of detecting non-spherical contaminants such as metal clips, wire, swarf and slivers of metal introduced during grinding processes. For more information, visit


Mettler-Toledo LLC

Columbus, OH