Metal Alloy Resistors Are Road Worthy

Desirable for current sensing in industrial, medical, and automotive applications, the AEC-Q200-qualified LRMAP5930 series low-resistance, metal-alloy current-sense power resistors offer values down to 200 µΩ and a corresponding power rating on standard FR4 PCB up to 10W. Maximum measurable current is over 200A, and, in most cases, restricted only by the capacity of the PCB tracks. A 50% higher power rating of 15W can be achieved for assemblies mounted on a thermal substrate such as direct bonded ceramic (DBC) or insulated metal substrate (IMS), making these resistors ideal for hybrid modules.


The surface-mount shunt resistors’ low thermal impedance minimizes the temperature rise and enhances the reliability of the assembly, while their high surge tolerance gives reliable product performance under inrush and momentary short circuit conditions.  Their good long term stability of value, low TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance) and low thermal EMF collectively mean that only a small part of the designer’s error budget is consumed, enabling more design freedom elsewhere in the circuit.

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If you can’t resist these components, yet need more data, fear not. An LRMAP5930 series datasheet is available for your persistent perusal.

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