Mesh Sensor Networking Modules from Cirronet

Cirronet Inc.

Cirronet, an RF Monolithics Co., Duluth, GA, offers DM 1810 wireless mesh networking nodes as part of its DM product line. The DM1810 nodes use the company's miniMESH protocol, which provides self-healing network performance, including mobile field node support and built-in network connectivity diagnostics. Systems combine a base station and up to 1023 remote nodes, with up to 15 of the remote nodes acting as mesh routers. Nodes offer 10 mW of RF power, have a range of ~600 m/hop, and draw 5.5 mA (receive) and 28.5 mA peak (transmit). They include a serial port, ADC input, digital input, and a digital output.

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Company: Cirronet Inc.
Phone number: 678-684-2000
Fax: 678-684-2001

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