Mercury Computer Systems Receives $1.3M Initial Order

CHELMSFORD, MA /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:MRCY) , a leading provider of embedded, high-performance computing solutions for image, sensor, and signal processing applications, has been selected by an industry-leading semiconductor equipment manufacturer to provide flexible, high-performance computing for its next-generation precision wafer handling and positioning system.

Mercury will provide its Ensemble AdvancedTCA Application Platform, together with customized system management software and an optimized middleware that supports the customer's use of the low-latency RapidIO fabric from an API (application programming interface) tailored to their application. The design win is one of several that Mercury has received from this customer over the past few years to demonstrate and provide high- performance RapidIO-based computing for their demanding applications.

RapidIO addresses the networking industry's need for software transparency, greater reliability, and higher bandwidth in an "in-the-box" interconnect. The Ensemble AdvancedTCA Application Platform is a standards-based solution built around the power, functionality, and scalability of serial RapidIO, AdvancedMC (AMC), and AdvancedTCA (ATCA) technologies. The platform supports a variety of I/O sources and heterogeneous processing endpoints, thereby reducing integration costs, improving efficiency, and minimizing risks in the design of next-generation applications.

"The deterministic low latency the customer requires cannot be achieved by any standard fabric other than RapidIO. While other vendors offer Serial RapidIO-based processing modules, Mercury is uniquely positioned to provide a custom integrated solution to an OEM in the volumes required," said Brian Hoerl, Vice President of Worldwide Sales for Advanced Computing Solutions at Mercury Computer Systems. "The customer also selected Mercury based on our technology leadership, Ensemble's modular, scalable platform characteristics, and our experience as an OEM supplier to the semiconductor equipment market."

Delivery of the system is planned for January 2009. For more information on the Mercury Ensemble product family, visit For more information on Mercury's high-performance image, sensor, and signal processing solutions and additional customer examples, visit Mercury's Web site, contact Mercury at (866) 627-6951, or e-mail your request to [email protected].

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About Mercury Computer Systems
Mercury Computer Systems (NASDAQ: MRCY) provides embedded computing systems and software that combine image, signal, and sensor processing with information management for data-intensive applications. With deep expertise in optimizing algorithms and software and in leveraging industry-standard technologies, we work closely with customers to architect comprehensive, purpose-built solutions that capture, process, and present data for defense electronics, homeland security, and other computationally challenging commercial markets. Our dedication to performance excellence and collaborative innovation continues a 25-year history in enabling customers to gain the competitive advantage they need to stay at the forefront of the markets they serve.

Mercury is based in Chelmsford, MA, and serves customers worldwide through a broad network of direct sales offices, subsidiaries, and distributors.

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