Memsic Announces New Magnetic Sensor Line

ANDOVER, MA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Memsic Inc., a leading MEMS solution provider, combining proprietary MEMS technology with advanced mixed-signal processing and system solution, announced a new line of magnetic sensors with enhanced digital compass functionality that will enable a host of new location-based services (LBS) in global positioning systems (GPS)–enabled mobile phones and PNDs (personal navigation devices).

Memsic's new MMC212XM is the first in a family of magnetic sensors and a key component to provide developers cost-effective solutions, offering greater precision and user-friendly automatic calibration required to expand the LBS capabilities in mobile phones and other personal and automotive devices. LBS provides a host of capabilities that consumers find desirable, including local navigation and smart mapping, shopping aids, entertainment, and information of the immediate surrounding area, and the applications continue a very rapid growth. According to Gartner Inc, LBS subscribers are expected to grow from 43.2 million in 2008 to 300 million in 2011.

The new family of magnetic sensors feature Memsic's Intelligent Heading Correction (IHC) algorithms, which automatically calibrate the device and compensate for the extraneous magnetic interference, therefore providing higher accuracy with a user friendly experience. In addition, the new sensor will draw just 400 µA of power, making it suitable for mobile applications.

The new sensor is the first offering in a new family of sensors from Memsic that allows developers to deliver a rich combination of capabilities from one chip. The company plans on releasing additional members of the family throughout 2009 and beyond.

Dr. Yang Zhao, President and CEO of Memsic said, "Location-based capabilities are a major initiative for mobile phone vendors and developers next year. As consumers demand more from their personal devices and vehicles, Memsic's new magnetic sensor solutions will be a key component for delivering the new applications that leverage this information and open the door to new revenue streams for vendors and service suppliers."

Pricing for the new sensor starts at $3.85 per unit for 1000 units, with volume production starting this month.

About Memsic
Headquartered in Andover, MA, Memsic Inc. provides advanced semiconductor sensor and system solutions based on integrated micro electromechanical systems, or MEMS, technology and mixed-signal circuit design. Memsic's unique and proprietary approach combines leading-edge sensor technologies, such as magnetic sensors and accelerometers, with mixed-signal processing circuitry to produce reliable, high-quality, cost-effective solutions for automotive, consumer, and industrial markets.

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