MEMS Variable Capacitance Accelerometers Eat Little Power

MEMS Variable Capacitance Accelerometers Eat Little Power
Silicon Designs Inc.

As per its maker, the Model 1410 family of digital pulse density output MEMS variable capacitive (VC) accelerometers reliably measure both vibration and acceleration with very low power consumption and high long-term bias stability (1000 ppm typical). Suitable for use in applications consuming 2 mA with 5V excitation, the components operate with a clock frequency between 100 KHz and 1 MHz and produce a pulse density output relative to acceleration. Units are available in seven standard ranges from ±2g to ±200g, with sensitivities from 0.625 kHz/g (200 g range) to 62.5 kHz/g (2 g range). Frequency response is from 0 to 400 Hz (±2 g) up to 0 to 2 kHz (±200 g) at fixed intervals according to selected g range. Additionally, the accelerometers withstand mechanical shock inputs up to 5 kg (2 kg on low-range units – 2g and 5g FSO). Typical applications for the Model 1410 include automotive airbags, active suspension, adaptive brakes, and security systems.

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