MEMS Timing Devices, A Game Changer For 5G Infrastructure

SiTime’s Emerald Platform is touted as a revolutionary precision timing solution that solves critical timing challenges for 5G infrastructure equipment. Operators can deploy 5G equipment in harsh environments and reliably offer mission-critical services.


According to SiTime, its Emerald Platform is the first MEMS oven-controlled oscillator (OCXO) in the industry. OCXOs offer the pinnacle of performance in timing and are critical to the reliable operation of all communications networks. However, quartz-based OCXOs are deemed extremely sensitive to environmental stressors such as vibration, temperature changes and shock. Allegedly, Emerald OCXOs solve these problems.


Using a programmable analog architecture, the Emerald OCXO offers any frequency between 1 and 220 MHz, ensuring that the user can select the optimal frequency for their application. The device also offers two output types, LVCMOS and clipped sine-wave, for optimal board performance. Soon, the Emerald OCXO will also offer extended temperature operation (-40 to +95C, -40 to +105C) and an I2C serial interface for in-system programmability.


SiT5711 & SiT5712 Features (all comparisons are with quartz-based Stratum 3E OCXOs):

  • 10 times better performance in the presence of airflow and thermal shock
  1. ΔF/ΔT dynamic stability: ±50 ppt/°C typical (ppt = parts per trillion)
  2. Allan deviation (ADEV): 2e-11 under airflow
  • Unmatched ease-of-use
  1. No restrictions on PCB placement
  2. No mechanical shielding is required for thermal isolation
  3. On-chip regulators, no need for external LDOs or ferrite beads
  4. Resistant to humidity
  • Size: 9 x 7 mm, 75% smaller. Adapter boards are available to match common OCXO footprints
  • Height: 6.5 mm, 40% thinner, eliminates obstruction in a chassis-based system
  • 20 times better vibration resistance, ideal for outdoor pole mounted equipment
  • Resistant to microphonic and/or board bending effects, ideal for large telecom PCBs
  • Supports -40 to +85°C temperature range today, -40 to +95°C and -40 to+105°C support available soon
  • The only programmable OCXO platform, supports any frequency up to 220 MHz and LVCMOS / clipped sine-wave outputs
  • Semiconductor-level quality and reliability, batch to batch consistency
  • No activity dips

Samples of the Emerald MEMS OCXO SiT5711/12 are available now and production quantities will be available in Q2 2019. For more knowledge, visit SiTime Corporation.


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