MEMS Sensing Modules from Silicon Designs

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Silicon Designs Inc.

The Model A2260 high-precision MEMS capacitive accelerometer from Silicon Designs Inc., Issaquah, WA, is designed for automotive R&D, crash test, and vehicle dynamics testing requirements for NVH, drivetrain, and powertrain testing, vehicle suspension and handling, crash event detection, and airbag performance assessments. Tailored for zero-to-medium frequency applications, the accelerometer module offers standard ranges from 2–400 g, integral amplification, high-drive low-impedance buffering, onboard voltage regulation, an internal voltage reference, self-calibration, 2 analog voltage outputs, and a 4-wire connection supporting single-ended and differential modes. Signal outputs are fully differential about a 2.5 V common-mode voltage; sensitivity is independent from the 8–32 V supply voltage. Each sensor is virtually identical.

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Company: Silicon Designs Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
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