MEMS Reference Clocks Set Size And Power Benchmarks

SiTime’s SiT1569 oscillator and SiT1576 Super-TCXO with expanded frequency range come in small CSPs measuring 1.5 mm x 0.8 mm x 0.6 mm and are said to enable coin-cell battery operated IoT sensors to run up to 10 years. Attributed to the company’s TempFlat MEMS and mixed-signal technology, the devices deliver increased timekeeping accuracy and system power savings. Other features include supply currents of 2.5 µA (100 kHz, SiT1569) and 5.5 µA (100 kHz, SiT1576) and frequency ranges of 1 Hz to 2 MHz (SiT1576) and 1 Hz to 462 kHz (SiT1569). For more information and datasheets, visit:




SiTime Corp.

Santa Clara, CA



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