MEMS Pressure Sensor Die for OEM Designs

MEMS Pressure Sensor Die for OEM Designs

Silicon Microstructures, Inc.

SMI offers a broad MEMS pressure sensor die portfolio employing SMI’s own proprietary piezoresistive technology. With pressure ranges from 0.15 to 300 PSI (10 mbar to 20 bar), SMI pressure sensor die provide high performance and reliability as required for automotive, medical, industrial and consumer markets.

For design flexibility, pressure sensor die are offered in gage and absolute pressure configurations.  Backside absolute pressure sensing is also available for media resistant automotive and industrial applications. SMI provides noble metallization options for bond pads and backside of the die for eutectic bonding.
MEMS pressure sensor die are intended for high volume OEM production and are shipped in sawn or unsawn wafers. Electronic wafer maps are provided and all die are 100% tested. SMI MEMS pressure sensor die are manufactured in SMI’s own wafer fab located in Milpitas, California. Die sizes range from as small as 0.65 mm2 to as large as 2 mm2

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