MEMS IMU from Gladiator Technologies

MEMS IMU from Gladiator Technologies
Gladiator Technologies Inc.

Gladiator Technologies Inc., Issaquah, WA, offers its LandMark 10 MEMS IMU that uses improved modeling algorithms to enable better bias over temperature performance as well as compensated misalignment and g-sensitivity. The device weighs <122 g, is smaller than 4.1 in.3, and has an RS-485 output at a 200 Hz data rate. Sensor bandwidth is 100 Hz. Other features include built-in vibration isolation, 3 internal temperature sensors, self-test, shock resistance, and power consumption of 1/3 W (typical). An IMU demo kit is also available, which includes the cabling required to connect the IMU directly to a PC using the IMU's RS-485 output to the PC's RS-232 interface, a power supply, self-test switch, and display software.

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Company: Gladiator Technologies Inc.

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