MEMS Accelerometers from InCheck Technologies

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InCheck Technologies

InCheck Technologies, Northbrook, IL, offers MEMS accelerometers for vibration analysis and condition monitoring. The sensors incorporate Analog Devices' ADXL001 and TMP-36 sensing elements for acceleration and temperature, respectively, and house them in a sealed, 10 mm dia. threaded SS stud, allowing you to install the sensors within any machine housing for accurate readings. You can also attach the sensor to the machine with a mounting magnet for use with a portable vibration analyzer or data collector. Measurement ranges are ±70, ±250, or ±500 g with a 0–12 kHz frequency and a 22 kHz resonant frequency for acceleration and –40°C to 125°C with ±1°C accuracy for temperature. The sensors can withstand shock to 4000 g, have high resistance to EMI/RFI, and are ground isolated.

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Company: InCheck Technologies
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 847-961-1134
Fax: 847-656-2343

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