MEMS Accelerometers Enable Low-Cost Inertial Navigation

(Silicon Designs)

A Sensors Midwest award-winning company, Silicon Designs’ Model 2227-025 is the first in a family of high-performance, lower-cost MEMS accelerometer modules for inertial navigation and tilt applications (non-ITAR). The module has an industry standard form factor and is pin compatible with many of the quartz-based accelerometers currently used in these applications. This allows the Model 2227-025 to serve as both a lower-cost alternative and direct drop-in replacement for many industry quartz-based inertial navigation accelerometers.


The design of the Model 2227-025 MEMS accelerometer module combines two patented, capacitive, silicon sense elements (U.S. Patent Number 4,736,629), together with a custom CMOS integrated circuit, in a hermetically sealed LCC package. The ±25 g modules are assembled on a high-temperature open printed circuit board with a circuit that converts the differential output voltage of the MEMS accelerometer into a current directly proportional to the amount of applied acceleration.  Final testing is conducted on a temperature-tumble-system, thereby providing thermal calibration parameters that simplify accelerometer use with the customer’s own real-time temperature compensation and modeling software.


Test samples of the Model 2227-025 are available now. Two additional g-ranges, to be sold as the Model 2227-010 (±10 g) and Model 2227-050 (±50 g), respectively, have anticipated availability starting in January 2019. For more information, checkout the Model 2227-025 datasheet.