MEMS Accelerometer Integrates Gyroscope

MEMS Accelerometer Integrates Gyroscope
Murata Electronics North America Inc.

Demonstrated at Sensors Expo 2015, the SCC2000 series combined accelerometer and gyroscope sensor devices are suitable for use in tough environments, such as automotive and industrial applications. The series consists of a low-g three-axis accelerometer with two angular rate sensor options of either X or Z-axis detection combined with a -32 bit digital SPI interface. The sensor also has a software selectable 10- or 60-Hz low pass filter that can be configured via SPI. Gyro range is ±125º per second with a sensitivity of 50 LSB per degree per second. Typical accelerometer offset temperature drift is ±6 mg for the 2g sensor and ±12 mg for the 6g version. Gyroscope offset temperature drift is typically in the range ±0.5°/s for the 125°/s X and Z -axis versions. The Gyroscope has a typical offset short-term bias stability of 1°/h for the 125°/s X-axis device and 2°/h for the 125°/s Z-axis product. A combined sensor with a gyro having a range of up to 300º per second is also available.

Murata Electronics North America, Inc.
Smyrna, GA

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