Melexis, Phase IV Engineering Enable HF RFID Sensing

IEPER,Belgium -- Melexis and Phase IV Engineering have joined forces to create new RFID wireless sensing solutions for difficult to solve sensing applications. Based on the Melexis MLX90129 HF RFID enabled sensor tag IC and Phase IV's sensor tag expertise, any resistive sensor application requiring contactless battery-less sensing or data logging of temperature, pressure, strain, humidity, light, etc, can now be addressed.

For over eighteen years Phase IV Engineering has been engaged in research, development and production of both passive and active wireless sensing and monitoring products. Originally focused on low frequency RFID sensor tags, they have extended their expertise to the high frequency range (13.56 MHz). As an innovative player in the semiconductor business, Melexis has promoted sensor tag IC's since the early 2000's and introduced the versatile MLX90129 in 2009.

"When we started to promote the MLX90129, we primarily targeted the cold chain monitoring market and we are meeting great success in this area" said Gilles Cerede, Product Line Manager at Melexis. "But we have a lot of customers outside of cold chain telling us that the MLX90129 is the ideal IC to address their applications, like sensing moving parts inside a sealed cavity or embedding sensors within a material. For these specific requests, it is obvious that Phase IV is the right company to turn these challenges into solutions."

Scott Dalgleish, COO at Phase IV Engineering, commented, "Phase IV's real core competency is providing complete sensing solutions for the wireless and embedded sensing problems that customers from a very wide variety of industries bring us. With the MLX90129, we can very effectively provide great solutions to many sensing projects we would have previously turned-away. The advanced features of the MLX90129 opened up many new markets for us—so we eagerly embraced it."

About Melexis
Melexis N.V. (Euronext Brussels: MELE) is a supplier of smart mixed-signal semiconductors. Our core experience derived from more than ten years supplying ICs to the automotive electronics market sustains the expansion into Application Specific Standard Products for industrial and consumer product applications. Melexis' products include sensor ICs (Hall-effect, optical, infrared and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems or MEMS), communication ICs (low power RF, RFID and Automotive BUS), actuator ICs (for electric motors, solenoids and LEDs) and Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs).

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