Mel's Picks

1. Biodata Ltd., an English company that specializes in DA, test and measurement, and control, maintains a Web site with tutorials on various DA topics, application stories, and product literature and information. The particular page I'm highlighting is their page of DA techniques.

Melanie Martella
Melanie Martella

The information isn't exhaustive and isn't intended to be. The aim is to give you points to think about to help you make good DA decisions.

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2. Fluke Corp. has introduced something interesting on its Web site: an online newsgroup (which the company calls a community) for test and measurement tool users. While many of the forums deal with specific products, others are more general, dealing with HVAC/indoor air quality, predictive maintenance, and maintenance and troubleshooting, among others. You need to be a member to post but you don't need to register to view the various threads.

3. I really don't like telemarketers who bother me at home. To be honest, I have yet to meet anyone who does. Here's an interesting idea from Martijn Engelbregt; a telemarketer counter-script. As the telemarketer gamely tries to follow his or her script, you will happily work your way through this counter-script, marking down the telemarketer's answers, and when this form has been completed either send or fax it to EGBG in the Netherlands. Or you could just enjoy messing with the telemarketers.


Nanotechnology: Science, Innovation, and Opportunity

Editor: Lynn E. Foster
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Pearson Education
ISBN: 0-13-192756-6

This book, a collection of short essays written by technologists, lawyers, investment and venture capitalists, and researchers, aims to look at the state of nanotechnology as it exists today, whether it's hype (no), whether it has potential (yes), and where that potential lies.

There are four sections: Development drivers, the players, materials and industries, and convergence and integration. Development drivers discusses the lessons learned about innovation and commercialization from the biotechnology field; possible uses of nanotechnology for energy production, storage, and transport; and how to spot a fad. In the section discussing the players are essays on commercialization, investment, an overview of current research, and technology transfer. The materials and industries portion discusses what nano-scale materials are and what industries offer the greatest scope for their adoption and use. The last section presents ideas about convergence and ethical considerations.


Use this book as an overview of this nascent field because you will have to go elsewhere for more in-depth information. It will, however, give you a lot to think about.

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