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Vibration and Shock Handbook
Editor: Clarence W. de Silva
Publisher: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group
ISBN: 0-8493-1580-8

Weighing in at 7.5 lb., and 3.5 in. thick, this book definitely counts as a tome. (The index alone is 62 pages long, if that gives you any idea of this book's sheer size).

 Melanie Martella
Melanie Martella

This authoritative book is split into nine sections covering, in order, fundamentals and analysis, computer techniques, shock and vibration, instrumentation and testing, vibration suppression and control, monitoring and diagnosis, seismic vibration, design and applications, and, finally, acoustics. There's also an extensive glossary explaining the various technical terms.

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It is intended for engineers, technicians, designers, researchers, educators, and students. The material is presented with many diagrams, examples, and case studies and in a format that makes it easy to find what you're looking for. Scattered throughout are boxes that contain chapter or section outlines, relevant equations, summaries of measurement methods, and so on. The book's aim is to present this wealth of information clearly and to organize it in an easy-to-navigate way.

If shock and vibration is your field, you should have this volume on your bookshelf (just make sure it's a sturdy bookshelf).

The HART Communication Foundation is now offering online, a free series of courses about the HART communications protocol. At present the only mini-course available is HART Basics but the aim is, at some later date, to add courses dealing with HART applications and HART as it is used in all phases of the plant life cycle. The HART Basics course is split up into fourteen sections, allowing you to dip in to the material quickly and easily. Check it out!

If you're looking for information on suppliers, standards, military specifications, and historical data, then go to This portal site gives you access to several searchable databases (from HIS). The Global Engineering Documents database lets you access what the site claims is the most comprehensive collection of industry standards in the world. The Parts Information database lets you search by part number, keyword, and/or company. You must register to access the search results.

For an interesting and unusual desk ornament/conversation piece, go to this site where you can print out a calendar and then follow the instructions to cut, fold, and glue it into a regular dodecahedron with a month on each of its twelve faces. You can even choose which year, which language to use, and which day of the week to start with.

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