Meditation Headband Expands Language Capabilities

Interaxon is expanding internationally in 2018 in EMEA, LatAm, and Australia based on success in North America and demand from these markets. As a result, the company expands the language capabilities of its meditation headband to include French, German and Spanish. The company is also introducing a new software development kit (SDK) for partners to create applications using EEG, ERP, EMG, EOG, HRV, gyroscope, accelerometer, altimeter, UV and magnetometer sensors for the Smith Lowdown Focus glasses and for Interaxon’s VR/AR development kit, available in Summer 2018. Finally, the brain health company announced that it is working with virtual reality / augmented reality (VR/AR) developer partners to bring its brain-sensing technology to the world of VR/AR, empowering users to interact with their VR/AR environments through brain signals.


Launched in 2014, Muse has been Interaxon's flagship product, a brain-sensing headband that uses EEG sensor technology to give users insight into their meditative process and customized, moment-by-moment feedback and guidance in developing their focused attention. Brain sensors measure users' activity and feeds the data to an app that guides users through meditation exercises. With Muse, Interaxon has successfully brought the practice of meditation to a broader consumer market through partnerships with Amazon, Best Buy and Target. Building on successful consumer adoption, the company has developed tools for the clinical, professional, corporate and wider wellness community with its Muse Connect product, offering Saas-based solutions. Interaxon has also entered into a partnership with fashion eyewear company Safilo to co-create a product that embeds Muse's brain-sensing technology into fashionable SMITH sports frames to provide cognitive training to athletes and support their peak performance.

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  • Interaxon will be expanding into new markets in 2018, including EMEA, LatAm, and Australia, and its flagship Muse product will be available in French, German and Spanish as the first new languages in its expansion.
  • Interaxon has been developing a VR/AR application kit for its brain-sensing technology and will showcase an entirely new category of consumer technology, using advances in low-cost brain sensors for head-worn virtual and mixed-reality systems. This neuroadaptive technology is based on the detection of evoked brain responses to visual, sensory and cognitive stimulation, to improve human interaction with augmented and virtual worlds.
  • Through software development toolkits and licensing, Interaxon is making its core technology and platform available to a broader partner base across all form factors, including the Muse headband, VR/AR and Lowdown Focus glasses. With the Smith Lowdown Focus glasses empowered by Muse, the company is demonstrating additional sensors beyond EEG and how they can be used by athletes to measure and monitor their athletic performance across a range of metrics, including efficiency, posture and balance in sports like yoga and cycling.

For further enlightenment, check out MUSE.

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