Medical Wire Is Biocompatible And Kink Resistant

Anomet’s Medical Clad Composite Wire combines two or three metals on the interior and exterior that are metallurgically bonded to achieve properties that are not available in a single alloy.  Featured properties can include radiopacity to achieve high visibility under fluoroscopy and eliminate the need for marker bands, biocompatibility, kink-resistance and shape memory, conductivity, and solderability of incompatible materials.


Viable for implantable medical devices and catheters, wire is available in sizes from 0.002” to 0.125” (.05 mm to 3 mm) O.D. with 2% typical cladding thickness.  Applications include precious metals on the exterior such as platinum, tantalum, or gold clad to interior materials such as copper, stainless steel, MP35N, Nitinol, nickel-iron, niobium, palladium, tantalum, titanium, and other alloys.


Anomet Medical Clad Composite Wire is priced according to configuration and quantity.  Samples and price quotations are available upon request.


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Shrewsbury, MA


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