Medical-Grade Isolators Protect USB Devices

Medical-Grade Isolators Protect USB Devices
Sealevel Systems Inc.

The SeaISO family of USB isolators provide 4 kV of medical-grade optical isolation between the host computer and connected USB equipment. They are UL Recognized to EN60601-1 3rd Edition and protect both the power and data lines. Bus powered, up to 300 mA is available to a downstream USB device when the isolator is connected to a standard 500 mA USB port. Additionally, a full 500 mA is available to a downstream device when connected to a USB port capable of sourcing 1A, or greater. Operating system support includes Microsoft Windows, Linux, and other USB aware operating systems, therefore the isolators require no separate drivers. SeaISO USB isolators are available in three versions. The ISO-1 is housed in a rugged plastic enclosure with mounting ears and includes removable cables. The ISO-1R is a military-grade overmolded cable “bump” design for rugged environments and the ISO-1-OEM is a small circuit board suitable for embedding into hardware applications. The ISO-1 and ISO-1R are $149 each, while the ISO-1-OEM is available from stock for $99.

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