Media-Separated Pressure Transmitters from EPCOS

Media-Separated Pressure Transmitters from EPCOS

EPCOS Inc., Iselin, NJ, offers MiniCell media-separated, calibrated, temperature-compensated pressure transmitters. The 19.6 by 16.2 by 11 mm devices feature SS membranes and pressure ports, electronics hermetically sealed in inert oil in ceramic packages, a 5 V supply voltage, 0.5–4.5 V analog output, and 1.5% F.S. max. measurement error over the entire temperature range. Measurement ranges are 1.0–25 bar (absolute), 0.5–5.0 bar (relative), and 0.5–5.0 bar (differential). Operating temperature range is –40°C to 140°C. Applications include process technology, aviation measurement systems, and chemical, food, and water industries.

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Company: EPCOS Inc.
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