Mechanical Handheld Tachometer Carries ATX Certification

Mechanical Handheld Tachometer Carries ATX Certification

The latest version of the company’s popular HTM mechanical, handheld tachometer embarks with ATEX certification. This makes the instrument useable in explosive atmospheres as it is certified for use in ATEX zones 1 and 2. It measures rotational or linear speed using the special contact adaptors supplied. With no need for batteries, it has the safety and flexibility to handle the most demanding requirements for maintenance and calibration. The ATEX HTM is available in four models and is supplied in a hard plastic carrying case complete with a set of adaptors:

HTM-100M (A3-5100): 10 - 10,000 rpm / 1 - 1000 m/min
HTM-500M (A3-5500): 30 - 50,000 rpm / 3 - 5000 m/min
HTM-100F (A3-5110): 10 - 10,000 rpm / 5 - 5000 ft/min
HTM-500F (A3-5510): 30 - 50,000 rpm / 15 - 25,000 ft/min

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