Measurement System Collect And Archives Electrochemical Measurements

Measurement System Collect And Archives Electrochemical Measurements
Sigenics Inc.

The MET16-Analytic system consists of a MET16 measurement instrument with analytic software to collect and archive precision electrochemical measurements on microelectrode arrays. Reportedly, the system quickly and automatically measures cyclic voltammetry, impedance spectroscopy and the pulse response of 16 microelectrodes simultaneously. It allows for in vitro and in vivo measurements of electrode characteristics and can force a potentiostatic voltage on all working electrodes with respect to a reference electrode, and measure simultaneously the current in all 16 working electrodes. Standard cyclic voltammetry and EIS electrochemical impedance spectroscopy can be rapidly measured. In addition, the MET16 can apply a programmable biphasic current pulse to a working electrode and measure the resulting voltage excursion with wide bandwidth, allowing the charge capacity of stimulation electrodes to be calculated. The MET16 also supports cable compensation and automatic data sharing if desired by the user. For more details, go to

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