Measurement Module Provides Six 100-kHz DMS Inputs

IPETRONIK extends its X-LINK module series with the Mx-STG2 6, a six-channel measurement module. The compact device is designed for mobile measurement applications requiring reliability, flexibility, and high-speed signal sampling rates, such as determining operational stability (DMS). It supports DMS sensors for measurement on 1/4, 1/2 and full bridges, and voltage measurement in the measurement ranges from ±0.01 V to ±1 V.


Analoginputs feature a 24-bit sigma delta AD converter and are voltage-stable up to ±100 V. Each input has its own adjustable, dual sensor excitation up to a maximum of ±5 V / ±45 mA. The XCP-on-Ethernet connection also presents a number of advantages compared to CAN-based modules. A large number of modules can for instance cater to multi-channel applications with more than 100 channels. What is more, the high channel data rates of up to 100 kHz are ideally suited for highly dynamic DMS tests.


Additionally, the Ethernet technology makes it possible to cover large distances between the measurement modules, which is particularly advantageous for structural testing on large components, such as on cranes, for example. The software integration comprises the integration into IPEmotion via the X-PlugIn V2.04 as well as the integration into INCA 7.1 and INCA 7.2. This is implemented via the IPEaddon INCA V05.07.  

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