MDT Delivers High-Performance and Ultra-Low Power TMR Sensors as Alternatives to Hall Effect Sensors

MUNICH and ZHANGJIAGANG, China -- MultiDimension Technology (MDT) showcases its lineup of advanced Tunneling Magnetoresistive sensors (TMR sensors), including the new Z-Axis TMR sensors as alternatives to Hall Effect sensors with the unique advantages of TMR sensors. MDT's TMR sensors are designed for a variety of sensor applications including utility meters, magnetic field sensors, position and speed sensors, and financial anti-counterfeit applications.

TMR technology has been proven a high-performance, cost-effective and dependable technology in the disk-drive industry. MDT is a leading supplier of TMR sensors for the commercial magnetic sensor market. Thanks to a strong IP portfolio and advanced manufacturing facilities, MDT's TMR technology realizes the key benefits of present sensing technologies including Hall Effect, AMR (Anisotropic Magnetoresistance) and GMR (Giant Magnetoresistance), while exhibiting a unique set of extraordinary performance advantages, including ultra-low power, high sensitivity, low hysteresis, low noise, large dynamic range, and excellent thermal stability.

Features of MDT's TMR Sensors:
• TMR switch sensors: ultra-low power at 1microampere in high-speed operation, ideally suited for battery-powered flow meters;
• TMR linear sensors: high sensitivity, low noise, large dynamic range, and low hysteresis, designed for magnetic field and current sensing applications;
• TMR gear tooth sensors: small pitch detection, for use in position and speed sensors;
• TMR angle sensors: 360-degree measurement, designed for angular position sensing and rotary encoders;
• TMR magnetic pattern recognition sensors: high-sensitivity 1/6/18-channel magnetic banknote readers for financial anti-counterfeit applications.

Highlights of MDT's Service Offerings:
• TMR sensor wafers, bare dice, or in standard or custom semiconductor packages
• TMR/GMR/AMR sensor design service
• Foundry service for TMR/GMR/AMR thin-film deposition
• Custom sensor module design and application solutions

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