MDmesh MOSFETs Integrate Fast-Recovery Diodes

The latest MDmesh DK5 power MOSFETs embark as very high-voltage (VHV) super-junction transistors that integrate a fast-recovery diode. This helps maximize the efficiency of various power-conversion topologies including LLC resonant converters with Zero-Voltage Switching (ZVS). Other types of bridged converters, as well as boost dc/dc converters for battery charging, also benefit from the reduced losses and enhanced dynamic performance. The DK5 family includes devices from 800V to 1500V with six new parts in TO-247, TO-247 Long-Lead, Max247, and ISOTOP power packages. Volume production has already started for the STWA40N95DK5, STY50N105DK5, and STW40N95DK5, with prices starting from $8.85 each/1,000. For further information, visit


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