MCUs Enlist ARM Cortex-M7 Core


Logging on to be the first chip company to begin volume production of microcontrollers (MCUs) featuring the latest ARM Cortex-M7 processor core, the STM32F7 MCUs combine the Cortex-M7 core with advanced peripherals. The architecture saves designer time usually spent optimizing code performance and length, to allow extra focus on creating differentiating features in the end product. The STM32F7 devices are in production now, in a range of package options from a 14mm x 14mm LQFP100 to 28mm x 28mm LQFP208, plus 10mm x 10mm 0.65mm-pitch UFBGA176, 13mm x 13mm 0.8mm-pitch TFBGA216, and 5.9mm x 4.6mm WLCSP143. Prices start from $6.73 for the STM32F745VE in 100-pin LQFP with 512KB on-chip Flash, for orders of 1,000 units.

Burlington, MA

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Company: STMicroelectronics
Country: Switzerland

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