MCUs Boast Best Energy Efficiency in ARM Cortex-M4 Class

MCUs Boast Best Energy Efficiency in ARM Cortex-M4 Class

According to the EEMBC ULPBench tests for low-power microcontrollers (MCUs), the STM32L4 devices achieve 176.70 ULPMark-CP without the help of a buck converter that adds external components such as a coil and capacitor. The EEMBC CoreMark score of 273.55 at 80 MHz shows that the STM32L4 series delivers an unrivalled combination of high peak performance and energy efficiency. The STM32L471 combines up to 1 MB Flash with analog and audio features for projects that require no LCD controller or USB connectivity. The STM32L475 has a USB OTG Full Speed controller, and both devices have multiple timers, clock sources, and communication interfaces including CAN, SDMMC, USART, SPI, and I2C. The analog peripherals include 12-bit ADCs with 5 MSPS capability and power-saving modes, as well as two 12-bit DACs, two op-amps with built-in Programmable-Gain Amplifier (PGA), and two ultra-low-power comparators. Pricing is from $2.13 for the STM32L432KBU6 with 128KB Flash and 64KB SRAM in QFN-32 package, each/10,000.

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