MCUs Advance Next-Gen Digital Power Apps

STMicroelectronics targets advanced digital power applications and consumer and industrial appliances with its STM32G4 microcontrollers (MCUs). The devices introduce two hardware mathematical accelerators to boost processing of applications using Cordic and Filtering functions among a range of features to support increased performance and energy efficiency. Dedicated to speeding calculations such as trigonometry for energy-saving motor controls in appliances or air conditioners and filtering for signal conditioning or digital power control, the accelerators are said to compute results faster and more efficiently than the general-purpose main processor. This offloading also frees the core to receive more sensor data and control additional user functions.

Other features include higher-resolution power conversion timers with various built-in functions that offload the CPU and ease developers’ lives. There are also higher-performing analog peripherals and converters, ultra-speed connections for lightning-fast response to external events, and support for the latest USB-C interface with Power Delivery that allows fast charging or conveniently powering devices up to 100W.

More than 100 of the 152 devices STmicro has planned for this series are already available. Prices start from $1.68 each/10,000 for the STM32G431K6U6 with 32 KB of Flash memory in the 32-pin QFN32 package. For further technical information, visit the product page.

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