Mass Flow Meter Delivers Multiple Measurements Simultaneously

Mass Flow Meter Delivers Multiple Measurements Simultaneously
Badger Meter

The RCT1000 Coriolis mass flow meters have the ability to simultaneously measure mass, volume, density, and temperature, providing control options to synchronize precision processes. In addition to a robust transmitter and sensor, the meter comes with an RCT Console software package. RCT Console provides quick access to configure measurement parameters through the software or the LCD interface on the transmitter. The meter can be set up and measuring flow in a matter of minutes. Users are able to obtain advanced data logging and performance trend analysis, as well as system verification provided by the HealthTrack feature, which records critical parameters and compares them to normal ranges. The meter identifies flow rates by directly measuring fluid mass over a wide range of fluid temperatures and viscosities with a high degree of accuracy. Furthermore, the unobstructed, open flow design and measurement technique makes the RCT1000 suitable for a variety of fluids such as vegetable oils and fats, slurries, adhesives, coatings and hardeners, and other viscous, nonconductive fluids that are difficult to measure. A video demo is available at

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