Mass Air Flow Sensors Sport A Manifold-Mount Design

Posifa Technologies’ PMF6000 series mass air flow sensors for use in bypass assemblies feature a manifold-mount design. The devices promise to reduce system size and increase reliability while allowing users to establish proprietary calibration values.  

Featuring compact robust packages, the PMF6000 series sensors were developed for users wanting the flexibility of designing their own flow body and restrictor element. The devices' manifold-mount design eliminates the need for hoses and external connections, reducing the overall system size and the number of potential leak points.  

Using the linearized factory calibration provided by Posifa, users can create master calibration curves specific to their custom bypass design with minimal additional corrections in the production process. The devices feature the company's third-generation thermal flow die, which uses a pair of thermopiles to detect changes in temperature gradient caused by mass flow. The result is consistent repeatability and an accuracy of 4 % reading typical. The solid-state thermal isolation structure on the sensor die eliminates the need for a surface cavity or fragile membrane used in competing technologies, making the sensor resistant to clogging and pressure shock.  

Measuring flow rates at 1000 sccm (PMF6102) and 6000 sccm (PMF6106), the devices offer response times of 5 ms typical and operate over a -25°C to +85°C temperature range. Samples and production quantities of the PMF6000 mass air flow sensors are available now. Further information is available on the product page.


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