Marvin Test Solutions' GENASYS Platform Advances Mission-Critical Aerospace Production Test

IRVINE, CA -- Marvin Test Solutions announces delivery of its TS-323 GENASYS Test Platform to Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company (LMSSC). GENASYS is a high-performance PXI-based system designed to meet the demands of mission-critical applications that require performance functional testing. GENASYS features a high-density, multiplexed switching subsystem with any-pin-to-any-resource architecture and switch management software that provides automated, end-to-end signal routing. GENASYS also includes a high-performance digital subsystem that supports up to 512 I/O pins with multiple timing sets and per-pin PMU capability. The system will be deployed by LMSSC for the functional testing of satellite systems and subsystems.

"As aerospace systems become more complex, engineers must have increasingly flexible and capable test equipment to ensure accuracy, reliability, and safety of mission-critical systems. The lack of available OEM support for legacy ATE systems compels users to either replace or upgrade high-performance legacy ATE systems, and both of these decisions are typically expensive, difficult, and often don't yield the needed results," said Major General Steve Sargeant, USAF (Ret.), CEO of Marvin Test Solutions. "We created the GENASYS platform and added this new switching subsystem to solve that problem. With a compact footprint, open, expandable architecture, and SwitchEasy software, the GENASYS platform eases the burden on test engineers, becoming a replacement for obsolete legacy digital functional test systems from manufacturers including Teradyne, Schlumberger, and GenRad. The platform also can form the basis for a completely new system that will address next-generation, complex testing challenges and manage up to 4,500 interface test points without manual programming."

Lockheed Martin's test requirements for future applications include: an open architecture, a functional test platform that is configurable, scalable, and the capability to support more than 4,000 I/O test points as well offering performance digital and analog test capabilities. The GENASYS platform, with its high-performance digital subsystem and high-density switching subsystem, provides LMSSC the required functionality to support both their legacy and future test needs.

Maximize the GX7016 High-Density Switching Architecture with SwitchEasy Software
The GENASYS platform now features the GX7016, a high-density, modular switching subsystem with SwitchEasy software for easy use and high-performance testing of complex, high I/O count, and mixed-signal applications including those for complex electronic systems. With SwitchEasy software, test engineers no longer have to manually route individual signals, and can automatically and efficiently monitor relays. And, to support legacy test requirements, GENASYS includes software tools that test engineers can use to migrate existing applications to the GENASYS platform. For new, mission-critical test needs, the GENASYS platform offers test engineers advanced software tools with system and UUT simulation capabilities, and user-defined FPGA instrumentation for the support of custom control interfaces.

The high-performance PXI digital subsystem addresses a range of bus test requirements including 1553, 429, RS-232, and custom or parallel digital busses. In addition, the multiplexed pin architecture of the GENASYS platform supports more than 6,000 UUT pin connections. With hybrid pin capability, both analog and digital tests can be performed at the pin level.

Achieve Mission-Critical Success

The GENASYS platform is ideal for high-value, mission-critical electronics applications – whether at the board, box, or system level – including satellite payloads, platform management systems, armament electronics and subsystems, and flight management and control systems.

To learn more about how the Marvin Test Solutions GENASYS functional test system can successfully address both current and future test needs that are currently supported by legacy functional test platforms, download the new white paper: Solving Functional Test Obsolescence.

GENASYS Key Features:
•PXI-based architecture
•Hybrid, multiplexed pin capability
•Functional test focus
•Configurable commercial off the shelf (COTS) digital, analog, and switching software components
•Comprehensive tools for migrating LASAR and other legacy test system programs

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