Marvell ARMADA 3700 SoC Delivers ARM 64-bit Highly Optimized, Low Power Solution for Media Storage, Retail Routers and Wi-Fi Repeater Applications

SANTA CLARA, CA -- Marvell announces the availability of its ARMADA 3700 system-on-chip (SoC), a highly-flexible and scalable solution optimized for media-attached network storage, mobile-attached network storage, distributed cloud SSD/HDD storage, retail Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi repeater, IoT hub and gateway applications. Based on Marvell's groundbreaking modular chip or MoChi architecture, the ARMADA 3700 family can be expanded as a Virtual SoC (Marvell VSoC) with additional MoChi modules to support customized connectivity and I/O technologies and interfaces. The ARMADA 3700 is an extremely low-power solution, providing even battery-powered media storage, and its compact size (11.5mm x 10.5mm) enables smaller and more elegant form factor designs. Integrating a powerful dual 64-bit ARM®v8 Cortex-A53 processor, the Marvell VSoC allows the chip to run multiple applications simultaneously.

"The ARMADA 3700 is Marvell's flagship MoChi SoC solution that easily and seamlessly connects to other Marvell MoChi modules to create a virtual SoC for enabling a new set of applications with a simple and flexible design approach," said Michael Zimmerman, Vice President and General Manager, Connectivity, Storage and Infrastructure at Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. "Optimized for low-power, small form factor applications including battery-powered devices such as mobile-attached network storage, the ARMADA 3700 easily integrates with Marvell's lines of industry-leading connectivity and storage solutions to bring high-performance, cloud-distributed storage and networking management platforms quickly and easily to market."

"We are excited to partner with Marvell to provide our retail customers with a highly optimized networking router solution. The ARMADA 3700 chip facilitates small form factor retail router and repeater designs with the performance needed to run multiple applications simultaneously, enabling retailers to provide high quality connectivity experiences to customers," said Michael Chen, Head of Sales of the Networking Business Group at WNC.

"When evaluating technology vendors, we were impressed with Marvell's proven track record of delivering industry-leading networking solutions. The ARMADA 3700 has the optimal processing performance to power our robust NAS boxes in a low power and cost efficient package," said Chris Tzou, Head of Digital Multimedia Business Unit at Alpha Networks Inc.

The ARMADA 3700 SoC family incorporates rich high-speed I/Os including USB 3.0, SATA 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet (1GbE) and 2.5 GbE (NBASE-T). In addition, the devices feature a wide set of security and data acceleration engines suitable for innovative networking, storage, and compute applications. The ARMADA 3700 supports advanced power management technologies for switching on each CPU core as well as per core dynamic voltage and frequency scaling. This offers a significant reduction in power consumption under different workloads and delivers unprecedented performance-per-watt and performance-per-dollar in the embedded markets.

"Marvell's VSoC approach enables OEMs to rapidly adapt to changing market dynamics and makes the MoChi devices usable for longer periods of time for broader applications," said Jag Bolaria, Principal Analyst for Embedded and Servers at The Linley Group. "Targeting networking and storage applications, Marvell's ARMADA 3700 family VSoC offers low-power, small form factor solutions that customers can use to reduce development costs and expedite product development."

The ARMADA 3700 chip is currently sampling to customers designing and developing network storage, retail router and repeater, and various other solutions.

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