Maker Community Gets Its First Radar Module

Targeting the maker community, OmniPreSense Corp. announces its first radar module capable of detecting objects 5m to 10m away. The OPS241-A module measures 53 mm x 59 mm and is capable of making any Android phone supporting USB OTG into a radar gun. It can plug directly into a Raspberry Pi’s USB port to enable numerous useful applications. A simple application programming interface (API) provides direct control of the OPS241-A, allowing changes to reported units (m/s, mph, etc.), transmitted power, and other useful settings. Compared to passive infrared (PIR) or ultrasonic sensors, the OPS241-A provides increased range, a wider coverage area, immunity to noise and light, while providing enhanced information about the detected object. The OPS241-A is priced at $169 and available immediately in single-unit quantities at