Major Oil Company Expands Trial Use of ESI’s FloPoint

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA /Marketwire/ -- E.S.I. Environmental Sensors Inc. (ESI) announced that a major international oil company is expanding its trial use of FloPoint at installations in Alberta. FloPoint is currently being used to measure water content and optimize oil production at 15 installations operated by this customer.

"This is a notable accomplishment for ESI and it represents the next step toward broader use of FloPoint in the oil patch. We are pleased to be expanding our relationship with a major customer and are confident that their use of an additional three sensor tools in high water cut wells will provide further feedback on FloPoint's performance and suitability in these applications," said David Porter, ESI's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Successful conclusion of these trial installations will give us strong momentum for broadening our markets and attracting new customers."

ESI continues to expand its market development activities for FloPoint as oil companies look to gather more information about the effect production changes have on oil and water produced. This information is used to optimize oil production while generating more revenue and extending the life of existing reservoirs.

About ESI
Environmental Sensors Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of patented and propriety systems for industrial and environmental applications, where understanding the presence and content of water is important. Major market sectors include agriculture, golf and turf, scientific research, and oil. ESI products have been successfully introduced in more than 40 countries to enable customers to optimize their operations by monitoring the presence and movement of water, managing irrigation systems, and monitoring the integrity of landfill covers. Most recently, the FloPoint instrument has been introduced to the oil industry in western Canada and will shortly be undergoing tests in the United Arab Emirates. The tool measures the volumetric presence of water pumped from producing oil wells for characterization and optimization. ESI differentiates itself by translating the best technology and science available into practical, easy to use, repeatability, and ability to operate in challenging conditions.

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