Magsoft Releases New Finite Element Method–Based CAE Software

BALLSTON SPA, NY /PRNewswire/ -- Magsoft Corp. announces the release of Flux Version 9.3. Flux tools are finite element method–based computer-aided-engineering (CAE) software developed by Cedrat of Grenoble, France. Flux is used for the analysis and design of electromagnetic and electromechanical devices, applications, and processes.

The demands of device design are becoming more and more rigorous as companies address the cost, efficiency, and performance of their devices. Often more than one discipline of physics now comes into play. To meet these demands, this Flux release features new technology for multi-physics coupling. This technology can be accomplished with either data file exchange or within an API framework. Additionally users have the flexibility for either strongly coupled solutions or loosely coupled solutions, depending on the nature of available physics solutions.

Strongly coupled magneto-thermal, electro-thermal, and dielectric-thermal solutions are now available within the Flux family of solutions. Loosely coupled solutions have been developed between Flux and Fluent's Icepak software for a magneto-thermal solution, and between Flux and TransEnergie Technologies' EMTP software for a power system solution.

The new Flux release features the first step toward LINUX compatibility. Potential or existing users are no longer constrained to a Microsoft operating system to run Flux. In addition, the release features access to 64-bit batch processing for Flux computations. You can now significantly reduce the time necessary for making computations, and the ceiling imposed by 32-bit systems on the maximum allowable memory used is removed. There is no longer a limit to the size of a potential simulation.

According to Shep Salon, president at Magsoft, "The new Flux technologies will expand our users' capability to review behavior that is not seen by the naked eye, in a sense revealing the basic nature of response. It is going to be very exciting to see how they utilize the new V9.3 technology to virtually prototype their devices and push the innovation envelope."

About Magsoft
Magsoft Corp. markets leading CAE simulation tools, which are used by manufacturers to accelerate and manage precise design solutions for devices such as motors, transformers, actuators, and sensors. Magsoft offers a range of products and services and has comprehensive facilities throughout North America and Asia. News and information are available at the company's Web site.

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