Magsoft Announces Release of Portunus 3.1

BALLSTON SPA, NY /PRNewswire/ -- Magsoft Corp. announces the release of Portunus 3.1. Portunus is system-level simulation software that has been developed in cooperation with Adapted Solutions of Chemnitz, Germany, and Cedrat of Grenoble, France.

Portunus is a coupled system simulator that allows both analog and digital components. System modeling can include combinations of electrical networks, block diagrams, and state machines; all cleanly modeled in cascading sub-sheets.

Portunus comes with a series of analysis types to better fit experimental needs and to ensure an accurate solution of transient phenomena at the fastest possible computation times. Portunus simulations now utilize a variable time-step size.

Portunus comes with an extensive set of component libraries to meet the requirements of complex mixed-system analysis. These libraries include:

Passive components

  • Linear and nonlinear resistors, capacitors, and inductors
  • Lamps, switches, relays, and fuses

Semiconductor components

  • Diodes, zener diodes, and thyristors
  • Operational amplifiers
  • BJTs, MOSFETs, and MESFETs

Block components

  • Integrators and derivatives
  • Sample and holds, sums, multipliers, and dividers
  • Limiters and comparators

Voltage and current sources

  • Sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, and PWM

Power Electronics

  • AC/DC, AC/AC, DC/DC, and DC/AC conversion
  • Transformations
  • Sine wave sources, with variable amplitude and frequency
  • Amplitude and frequency Controls

Mechanics and electric machines

  • Rotational and translational mechanics
  • Transformers
  • DC, induction, and PM synchronous machines


  • Conduction, convection, radiation
  • Heat sources and sinks
  • Coupled thermal-electrical models

Portunus now has the flexibility to incorporate user-defined components into the system. These components can be created using C++ programs, nonlinear look-up tables, or direct imports of SPICE or VHDL-AMS models.

According to Shep Salon, President of Magsoft Corp., "Portunus will go a long way toward filling the need for versatile system simulation. Whether an analyst is modeling a simple electrical network, the electromechanical response of a single electric machine, or the full system response of a hybrid vehicle, Portunus will allow them to quickly and easily set up and solve their system and give them the vital responses they need to assess their ideas."

About Magsoft
Magsoft Corp. markets leading CAE simulation tools. These tools are used by manufacturers to accelerate and manage precise design solutions for devices such as motors, transformers, actuators, and sensors. Magsoft offers a range of products and services and has comprehensive facilities throughout North America and Asia.

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